Beer Is Good For You!

If there was any community that would appreciate what I've made, this would be the one. A friend of mine, Malibu, requested a set of hand knit Beer Cozies to be given to friends of ours in Iowa. Proving that you can find anything with Google, I came up with several on-line patterns.

This one was the simplest and yet most effective...

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Finished the Facing...

My arms need a rest, but I've finished the bottom facing on my Swans Jacket. Turning it and knitting it down was a bother, but it will save me the annoyance of sewing it down with duplicate stitch later on, so that's worth it.

Swans Jacket Facing Swans Jacket Facing

The Swans Jacket, after the facing has been turned and knitted down. The center steek is visible in this photo as the bit with all the cast-on tails hanging off it.

I'm going to go work on something using nice *big* needles now.

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Well, being out of work again has me finishing various projects, and starting new ones.
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Some of you might remember me working on the green bag at Con.Txt -- it took about a day to do the body of the bag, plus a few more hours for the i-cord. I waited until I had the purple bag finished before fulling them both.

Karaoke fulls *very* fast and hard compared to Noro Kureyon. That surprised me, since it is 50% wool and 50% soy silk and Noro Kureyon is 100% wool. It also finished slightly smaller, even though I knit the Karaoke on size 10 needles, and the Kureyon on size 8s.

Swans Tam

I finished the Swans Tam. This is the matching hat for the Swans Jacket pattern I bought from
Yarns International at this years MD Sheep and Wool.

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I think the Swans Jacket will be a rather nice project, but I'm not going to work on it until the weather gets a cooler, and even then it will be a do-at-home project, since I doubt travelling with it would be anything other than frustrating.

Tomorrow, I submit my two enteries to the July show at the Strathmore though, and it will be interesting to see whether they sell.

Sampler Sweater

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately with two goals in mind; first to finish up my many works in progress and second to use my rather sizable stash before making any further yarn purchases. So here is a finished sweater made from stash.Collapse )
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Fire Goddess


Hello everyone! I recently finished Collapse ). I got the pattern out of Stitch N Bitch, the first book I believe. I still need to run some elastic around the edge of the waistband (I didn't follow the pattern exactly...), but I was rather pleased with it.
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