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daddybear716 [userpic]
Beer Is Good For You!
by daddybear716 (daddybear716)
at September 23rd, 2006 (10:49 pm)

If there was any community that would appreciate what I've made, this would be the one. A friend of mine, Malibu, requested a set of hand knit Beer Cozies to be given to friends of ours in Iowa. Proving that you can find anything with Google, I came up with several on-line patterns.

This one was the simplest and yet most effective...


It does the job and it was very simple to make. I finished one in about an hour or so. I was pleased with the results and knit up another for the other recipient. But I didn't think it was enough, so I went to the second pattern that I liked and made one...


I was more than please with these, in fact they came out perfect for the recipients. One of them is a drag queen named Iris Aspire, who is infamous for her rainbow colored outfits. Hence the choice or multi-colored variegated yarn. These actually look like outfits that Iris would wear, which really makes them perfect. Also, since Iris and James are just like Malibu and I, having no problem finding the bottom of a drink, I know they will love them!

Malibu is in Iowa this weekend and will be giving these presents to James and Iris. I'll be sure to post back with any response to them. Here are more pics of the finished Beer Cozies...